Enable Energy, LLC
EeSC, Inc

2543 Warren Drive
Rocklin, CA 95677
Phone: (844) 717-0194
Fax: (530) 586-3605

45 North King Street
Suite 601
Honolulu, HI 95677
Phone: (808) 593-275-


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Here Today. Here Tomorrow.

When opportunity knocks, opportunists answer. Often a little too fast…frequently under-financed…and unfortunately, a little un-prepared to truly deliver real customer satisfaction over the 20 year life of a solar system. We don’t consider Solar to be a thing or a one time purchase; it’s a relationship and a long term commitment. The team behind Enable Energy has been making and delivering on the promise and commitment of solar power for well over a decade, installing residential and commercial solar systems across the country and around the world. In short, all things being equal, they’re not. With Enable Energy, Inc. you can harness the sun … And rest easy when it sets.

Are You Ready To Dramatically Lower Your Home’s Electric Bill?


Enable Energy, Inc. (formerly EESC, Inc) is a licensed residential solar construction company in California (CSLB #990593 B, C46) and Hawaii (#CT-34352 B). Enable Energy, LLC is a developer of solar PV power plants in the commercial, industrial and agricultural markets.