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The Benefits of Solar Power

  • Dramatically reduce, maybe even eliminate, your monthly energy bill.
  • Protect yourself from unpredictable future energy price hikes and fluctuations.
  • Take advantage of the dramatic decreases in the cost of solar systems
  • Get started with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with no upfront costs!
  • Start saving real money instantly, from day one.
  • Increase your homes value and marketability if you decide to sell.
  • Contribute, personally, to a cleaner, healthier more sustainable planet.
  • You don’t have to lift a finger, leave the design, installation, maintenance and monitoring to us.

Downsides? What downside? In the past few years, all the barriers to solar have fallen, one by one. Costs. Technology risks. Unproven financing strategies. As you have waited patiently for solar power to become “risk free” your utility rates have continued to rise. Why now? The real question is “why not now”? The cost of solar has never been lower so why not take 10 minutes with one of our energy professionals to learn why now is the time for you to make the switch to solar power.

Enable Energy, Inc. (formerly EESC, Inc) is a licensed residential solar construction company in California (CSLB #990593 B, C46) and Hawaii (#CT-34352 B). Enable Energy, LLC is a developer of solar PV power plants in the commercial, industrial and agricultural markets.