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Purchasing Solar

Options For Obtaining The Cost Savings From Solar

Enable Energy has two different, but equally compelling options to help you secure the long term benefits and financial savings from a customized solar system on your house. We are currently offering our customers two different options to secure the long term and reliable savings from a customized residential solar system. Option number one allows you to buy solar power and option number two lets you buy the complete system.

Option #1 – Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

This innovative approach helped to kick-start Solar across the country. It’s a no-risk, zero cash outlay and no-hassle route to saving money instantly with low cost solar power. In a nutshell, here’s how it works. You will sign an agreement with one of our partners to purchase the power your solar system generates for the next 20 to 25 years, at a price below your current utility rate. The PPA provider owns the solar system that we will install on your roof, and will receive any tax incentives. Enable Energy will do everything else - from designing and installing the solar system to ongoing monitoring and maintenance. You just relax and enjoy clean, green low cost solar power.

Option #2 - Direct Purchase

If purchasing the solar system and enjoying the additional tax benefits available from ownership make sense for you, there is never a better time to make this purchase. The cost of panels has dropped up to 80% over the last few years, and our expert engineering and design teams, along with our warranted installation work will ensure your solar system and satisfaction is guaranteed.

From day one, you own every watt you generate, either trimming your bill monthly or earning a net profit back from the utility. You’re also entitled to any government or other incentives and rebates that apply. With our installation warranty and system guarantee your purchase of the system will protect your investment. It’s what you might call “energy independence” on a household scale or your own personal power plant.

A solar power system designed by Enable Energy, Inc. is customized just for your home. Therefore, pricing, savings estimates and actual performance will differ from system to system based on such varied factors as location, system size, government rebates, local utility rates and your actual electricity consumption. Savings on your total monthly electricity costs are not guaranteed. Financing terms also vary by location and are not available in all areas. The opportunities for $0 due upon contract signing and no security deposit required, Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) contracts for Enable Energy customers are offered by independent third party organizations and vary by geographic region. Enable Energy, Inc. will provide service for all warranted components of the solar system. Enable Energy, Inc. is a licensed contractor operating in California (#990593), Hawaii (#CT-34352) and Nevada (#0079891). Savings estimates can be provided for residential PPA customers from whom at least twelve months of billing data is available.
Savings Rate is calculated by subtracting the PPA or equivalent lease (kWh rate) from the customer’s current relevant utility kWh rate. Savings is calculated by multiplying the actual kWh produced by the proposed solar power system (installed by Enable Energy, Inc.) in customers' first year times the Savings Rate. Excludes fully or partially prepaid contracts.