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Getting Started …

Few decisions combine the financial and environmental impact of a solar power system.

And nobody makes it simpler and more transparent to join the bill slashing and money saving party.

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Step #1:
A Short Phone Call

We start with a short phone call to introduce ourselves and gather some important information that we will need to begin designing your system and preparing a proposal on the savings you can expect to see from your new solar system.

Step #2:
Site Evaluation At Your Home

At your convenience, we’ll send one of our energy consultants out to answer all your questions about solar, talk to you about financing options, and size up your house. They’ll assess your home’s solar potential, stay as long as it takes to answer your questions, and assess the sun angles and alignment to maximize your solar yield. Simple and transparent… you win.

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Step #3:
Fits Just Like A Glove

Next, with the help of the latest computer modeling tools, we’ll engineer a tailored solar system to provide you with the maximum savings for the minimum investment. You’ll see exactly how and where the system will be installed on your roof and the calculations for how it will save you money. You win.

Step #4:
Never lift a finger. Final Design, Permitting and Installation

After your approval of the project design and financing, our engineering team will finalize the design and secure the required permits. Our dedicated installation team will coordinate with you to install the system and connect it to the electric grid through a specialized utility meter that monitors how much solar production your system is generating. We monitor and maintain your solar system as needed. You win again.

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Step #5:
Turn On The System. Lower your bill. And your footprint.

Finally, rest easy, knowing you’re reaping significant long-term savings and taking a real, personal, role in creating a more sustainable climate and livable planet. Thanks. Every home matters. You and all of us just keep winning.


Enable Energy, Inc. (formerly EESC, Inc) is a licensed residential solar construction company in California (CSLB #990593 B, C46) and Hawaii (#CT-34352 B). Enable Energy, LLC is a developer of solar PV power plants in the commercial, industrial and agricultural markets.